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Welcome to my Homepage.

Hi, my mystical name is Esther Neptune. I am an expert in astrology having access to software tools and Tarot that can guide me to know and understand your life journey.

I have had a lifelong love of astrology and a more recent student of the Tarot.  As early as 10 years old, I would be in the bookstores reading anything I could get my hands on that was astrology-related.  My love of astrology has manifested as a journey, which is still continuing.

I have a planetary stellium in my 9th house, which governs the knowledge of astrology. The stellium includes the planets Sun, Mercury, Mars and Pluto.  With Pluto in the 9th, I have an obsessive nature to understand the world when it comes to everything astrological.  I would go to lengths to get people's dates of birth and study relationships of all kinds, for at least 10 years now (this study started prior to wen2me doing professional readings).  This 'study' gave me an intuitive feel for astrological knowledge, which forms the second pillar of how I 'know' during a reading:  INTUITION.

The third 'pillar' was revealed to me in early 2013, when I started my professional reading career.  I met a mentor who was local to me and starting on the first website I did, Supreme Psychics.  He gave me some pointers on how he read the Tarot.  The rest, I developed on my own, reading some library books on the subject given to me by a next door neighbor, who had various decks and books on the occult.

Therefore, my readings are very detailed.  No psychic or advisor can possibly know or be revealed EVERYTHING, keep this in mind.  However, I 'see' things from several different angles.  This gives you a high degree of accuracy as well as detail when you get a reading from me.

I do NOT consider myself a clairvoyant, more of an intuitive; however sometimes I am amazed what the Divine Source reveals to me in the cards.  I've seen everything from where a person's loved one got the scratches on his back from, to specific dates when loved ones will reconcile.  That being said, do know that timing is very difficult to ascertain for sure in a reading, because of free will.

I hope you enjoy your experiences with my readings!  Thanks for finding me.