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I will read on any subject you might be seeking clarity on.  Although I work in the medical field and therefore have special insights into any medical / psychological issues you may be facing, please note that medical and legal questions have a disclaimer as to not using my advice to replace the work of a qualified professional in either of these areas.

Price:  $1 per minute for phone to book the appointment please call my office at 608-535-9726



Email products


Email readings at this time will be $9.99.  I do not charge per question, rather per 'scenario' meaning you can ask a series of questions related to one situation.  (Example:  if you want to ask several questions regarding a love life character, all questions you have related to that person.). Within reason of course.

Each love life character warrants a separate 'scenario'.

If switching over to career questions, this also would constitute a new 'scenario'. DOB's of all parties involved in question please (unless you do not know it, that is fine; as much info on the person as you know though; if no DOB, an age is often helpful).

Astrology chart readings:  I will detail your specific chart and look ahead to money, love and finances in the next 12 months.  I will also provide a detailed character analysis about who you are as a person and what your ultimate purpose in this lifetime will be.


Required for this reading is a date of birth, exact time of birth as well as location of birth.