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This Are just some of the Testimonials:

alluvia 45- Fabulous reading. Gave me the guidance that I needed on several business related issues. Appreciated her clarity, detail and information without a lot of probing. Very helpful. Would call again.

LisaKJ69 -Esther seemed to tune in fast and respond with insights quickly as well. Thanks Esther. I really appreciate the reading so much. Love and Light. LKJ

ashley007 -Love chatting with Esther! I've always liked how she tells you what cards and explains them. I like how she nails peoples personalities so that in itself allows me to trust what she picks up as far as emotions, feelings, thoughts, etc. Thank you!!!!!
beantowne- Wow is all I can say. I read with Ester a few days ago and asked if she would do a comparison chart for me and send me a pay link. She did and OMG what she sent me is soooooooo helpful! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... if you want to know more about what is going on with your life, get a chart from Ester. This lady is AWESOME! Very accurate and it explains a lot of why things are happening and how to deal with things. I feel so much better knowing WHY! She went above and beyond with this chart analysis. She stayed in communication with me and was very detailed in her explanations. Impressed!